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Module 1: Why Phenomena-Driven Instruction?


Dig into the theory and practice of phenomena-driven instruction. Explore how phenomena-driven instruction can be used to activate, elicit, and leverage student learning. 

EQ: How might phenomena-driven instruction empower all students?

“The ultimate goal of an NGSS-aligned science education is for students to be able to explain real-world phenomena and to design solutions to problems using their understanding of the DCIs, CCCs, and SEPs. Students also develop their understanding of the DCIs by engaging in the SEPs and applying the CCCs. These three dimensions are tools that students can acquire and use to answer questions about the world around them and to solve design problems.”

Roger Bybee NGSS Innovations

Task 1

Watch the video linked below. Consider the following: What is the benefit of providing anchor phenomena that require students to build knowledge in order to explain them?

Task 2

Preview the OpenSciEd Genetics Lesson. What is the phenomenon for this lesson? How might introducing the topic of genetics in this way provide a common entry point for all students? Use what you heard in the video and read in the handout to inform your answers.

Task 3

Write a 150-200 word reflection on how phenomena-driven instruction can empower all students.