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Hi! I’m Bonnie Nieves 👋🏻

Founder of Educate On Purpose Coaching and Consulting.

My career began 20 years ago as a paraprofessional in a vocational high school. Since then, I have been teaching and designing curriculum for life science courses.

Now, my passion is helping educators create immersive and responsive learning experiences.

I have experience with EdReports as a reviewer, copy editor, and review facilitator.

I have infused SEL, technology, and SDGs into all aspects of my teaching and love helping others do the same.

Here are some of my favorite podcast guest appearances to help you get to know me.

How it started ⤵️ 2019

Life of the School by Aaron Matthew

The P3 Podcast by Noa Daniel

SEEing to Lead with Dr. Chris Jones

The Labster Podcast

SEL in Edu with Krista Leh and Craig Aarons-Martin

Learner-Centered Spaces with Crystal Frommert and Starr Sackstein

A Vision for Learning with Jethro Jones

How it’s going ⤴️ 2024

Melody’s Book Chat!

Grateful to Mel who helped launch my book, Be Awesome On Purpose: Using reflection as a tool to teach with C.A.R.E.

In the book, I describe how I became a student-centered gradeless teacher and how I used my reflections to turn my failures into learning experiences.

You can purchase it on Amazon or get a personalized signed copy here.

Television News Interviews

Driven by core values

Everyone wants to feel successful

Rule #6

Wake up happy

Family first

Hard work can be fun

Don’t Mention the Squash