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NGSS / Steam Instruction

Professional Development Services for NGSS and STEAM Teachers

Phenomena-Driven Instruction:
Our professional development services are designed to support teachers in implementing phenomena-driven instruction, which aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We provide comprehensive training on how to select and utilize real-world phenomena to drive student inquiry and learning. Teachers will learn to create lessons that begin with a compelling phenomenon, encouraging students to ask questions, engage in scientific practices, and develop a deeper understanding of core scientific concepts. This approach makes learning more relevant and engaging for students, fostering curiosity and critical thinking.

Formative Assessment to Inform Instruction:
Effective formative assessment is key to understanding student progress and tailoring instruction to meet their needs. Our training sessions focus on various formative assessment techniques that teachers can use to gather real-time data on student understanding. Educators will learn to design and implement assessments that provide immediate feedback, allowing them to adjust their teaching strategies accordingly. This ensures that all students can achieve their learning goals and helps identify areas where additional support may be needed.

Student-Centered Classrooms:
Creating a student-centered classroom environment is essential for fostering independent learning and critical thinking. Our professional development programs emphasize strategies for shifting the focus from teacher-led instruction to student-driven learning. Teachers will explore methods for facilitating group work, encouraging student choice, and designing activities that require active student participation. By adopting a student-centered approach, educators can create a more engaging and inclusive classroom where all students feel valued and motivated to learn.

Supporting the Adoption of Inquiry-Focused Science Curriculum Materials (e.g., OpenSciEd):
Adopting new curriculum materials can be challenging, but our services are here to support teachers through the transition. We provide targeted training on implementing inquiry-focused science curricula, such as OpenSciEd, which aligns with NGSS and promotes active student engagement in scientific practices. Our sessions will cover best practices for using these materials effectively, including how to facilitate student investigations, manage classroom discussions, and integrate cross-cutting concepts. By helping teachers adopt and adapt to these resources, we ensure that they can provide high-quality, inquiry-based science education to their students.

Our goal is to empower educators with the skills and knowledge they need to create dynamic, student-centered learning environments that inspire a love for science. Whether you are looking to enhance your current practices or adopt new curriculum materials, our professional development services offer the support and guidance you need to succeed.